All You Need To Know About Dark Lip Neutralization

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Dark Lip Correction: Yes or No?

Dark Lip Neutralization is a special procedure that is used to neutralize the darkness in the lips in order to reach a desired color. During the procedure, the Lip Blush Artist will neutralize the lips by cancelling out the original color. Every client requires a different approach to reach the best outcome because every lip is unique.

Features of Dark Lip Neutralization

Correcting lip color is not an easy task and because of that, not every Lip Blush Artist is up to the challenge. What makes this procedure challenging is that skin rich in melanin (a natural pigment responsible for skin tone) requires more correction sessions, more careful selection of safe brightening pigments and longer healing. 

What Causes Darkening Of the Lips?

It is very important to find out the exact reason for the darkening of the lips before consulting with your Lip Blush Artist. In addition to ethnic characteristics, dark lips can be the result of injuries, hormonal disruptions, genetic diseases, certain types of medications, etc. In each case, individual recommendations will be required based on the condition.

Considerations For Those With Dark Lips

When performing Dark Lip Neutralization, the Lip Blush Artist complies with all safety standards. For example, if the darkening of the lips is associated with trauma or bruises then Dark Lip Neutralization is not recommended. This may appear to be hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation. In case of hyperpigmentation, the colored lip may become even darker than it was before the procedure. In case of hypopigmentation, spots may form on the skin.

How Does The Healing Process Take Place?

After Dark Lip Correction, the standard healing process of the lips takes place — they begin to peel off and become encrusted. It doesn't look very pretty, but it's only a temporary effect. In the first weeks, the color of the lips may be even darker than it was before color correction. It may take a little longer — up to 8-10 weeks, before the lips are completely healed. But in the case of lightening dark lips, this is normal.

How To Choose The Right Permanent Lip Color?

When choosing a color for the dark lip correction, it is important to create a custom pigment mix based on the color hue of the client's lips. For instance, some clients have purplish, brownish or greyish hues. The underlying hue of the client's natural lips will help determine which custom pigment will best neutralize the dark lips.

Say Goodbye to Dark Lips!

If you are struggling with dark lips and are looking for a solution - this is your sign! With this safe and effective treatment, we can correct your dark lips and help you achieve the lip color you have always desired. Book A Consultation with our Lip Blush Artists at the Beauty Babe Club today and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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