Answering your Questions about Inkless Stretch Mark Removal, Part 1

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Inkless Stretch Mark Repair Training Course

Answering your Questions about Inkless Stretch Mark Removal, Part 1


Here at Beauty Babe Club, we field dozens of questions every single day about inkless stretch mark removal. Besides operating as a permanent makeup facility and rigorous training program for aspiring permanent makeup artists, we strive to be a helpful resource to anybody who is curious about the industry.


Whether you’re thinking about getting the inkless stretch mark removal treatment, or you’re training to become an artist to offer this service, this article is for you.


We’ve also been posting tons of educational content over on our blog, so make sure you check it out to learn more about what we do over at Beauty Babe Club!

What is the inkless stretch mark method?

Inkless stretch mark revision or ISR is a non-invasive body camouflage cosmetic method. It’s used to revise stretch marks and scars on skin with serums instead of tattoo ink. This process is special because instead of artificial pigments, high-quality and skin-friendly healing serums and vitamins are injected, just like a tattoo, to treat stretch marks.


You can also use the very same method on different types of scars. The serum, plus the agitation of the scar or stretch mark tissue works to heal the skin instead of covering it up with pigment.


Does inkless stretch mark removal work?

ISR works better than any laser or topical product on the market to permanently revise and remove stretch marks. It is totally safe and can be performed on all parts of your body except the face.


What’s crazy about this treatment is that, even though you can receive it multiple times to maximize the benefits, just one session visibly improves the area between 80% and 100%. You would be amazed by the results after one session, but usually it works best after one to three sessions.

How much does it cost to remove stretch marks?

The cost of an ISR treatment is more affordable than you think! Because the results are permanent, like we said, you’re automatically saving money by never having to come back and repeat the process every few years.


Plus, the treatments are usually priced per area instead of by size or by treatment type. In general, for one area, you might expect to pay about $500. This is a highly specialized treatment, and the skills required by artists are more advanced than you might expect.

Final thoughts

We hope this short FAQ guide was helpful! We made sure to cover the top three basics, but readers are asking new questions all the time.


Do any of these answers surprise you?


Should we make this a series? Let us know by dropping a comment below, or ask a question! If you’ve been wondering about ISR for a while, we want to help. Don’t forget to follow our Instagram for tons of tips, tricks, and advice, as well.

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