Five Things You Should Know Before You Attend an ISR Training

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PMU Stretch Marks Repair Training

Five Things You Should Know Before You Attend an ISR Training


While the Permanent Makeup (PMU) industry is absolutely booming, there is one treatment that very few technicians are performing. It’s one of the most effective treatments to boost a person’s confidence, and it is the easiest technique to learn in the entire industry.


Inkless Stretch Mark and Scar Removal or Revision (ISR) is a safe, transformative treatment that restores and smoothens the appearance of scars or stretch marks. Because there is no ink involved in the process, people who are hoping to start out in the PMU industry have a much easier time learning this technique first.


If you’re curious about what it looks like to be an ISR technician, there are trainings available on the market for you to get started right away. Before you jump in, there are a few things you need to know.


Here are five things you should know about ISR training sessions.

This training is suited for anyone

We aren’t kidding. Are you looking for a side gig you can do for a few nights or on the weekend? Are you ready for a complete career change? Are you trying to find a path towards financial independence so you can finally stop living paycheck to paycheck? ISR can help you accomplish ANY of these goals in a matter of months.


Or, if you’re simply the type of person who is looking for a meaningful, creative outlet that can genuinely help people at the same time, ISR is for you, too.


Have you been dreaming about entering the PMU industry for a while, but you’re scared of messing up somebody’s lips or eyebrows with tattoo ink? ISR is completely inkless, so it’s okay if you ‘mess up.’ You’re just tattooing healing serums into your client’s skin!

The market is niche, but the customer base is wide

This treatment is so new that you won’t find many technicians offering it. Plus, it’s so unique, not even plastic surgeons can offer this kind of life-changing service. 


PMU treatments are historically reserved for high-femme women, or femmes who are looking to enhance their lips and eyebrows. That means that PMU has left out so many demographics that ISR can finally include (and that you can market to).

Patients coming out of surgery with scars, trans men and breast cancer survivors with double mastectomy scars, self-harm survivors, and people of every size with stretch marks can all access this service to heal their skin and transform their personal confidence. It’s not about creating a makeup look; it’s about helping people feel comfortable in their skin.

You genuinely can gain financial independence

Inkless Stretch Mark Removal Services are typically priced in the range of $450 - $1000 per area. The price for this treatment varies depending on the particular area, your skills and experience, and of course, the size of the affected area that needs to be treated.


That means that your investment in a training session can be made back in a few appointments. As you continue to build your business and clientele, you’ll be amazed how your life transforms, along with your clients’ lives.


Your clients’ confidence will literally be transformed

So many people who are interested in offering ISR treatments are kind, empathetic people who want to support others in their confidence journeys. If that sounds like you, you should check out just a few testimonials from students and from clients alike:


"I am thrilled I took this inkless stretch mark in-person training. It has given me the confidence to help so many people feel great about themselves." Jessica J


"I recently added this new service to my beauty business and began taking clients straight away. I was pleasantly surprised by the high demand, many clients recommending my services to others with stretch marks." April T

Some ISR trainings don’t go far enough

You’ll find a lot of training sessions on the market that look like they’re offering the world, but you’re looking at a fool’s gold offer. Make sure the training you register for includes advice for building your business, the high-quality equipment you need to get started with your first clients, and LIVE models.


Beauty Babe Club ISR training has all of that and more; click here to learn about the training offered this month.


Final thoughts

Beauty Babe Club has tons of resources for you to check out right now if you still have questions. Even though we’ve already written about everything you need to know about ISR training, we’re offering a FREE ISR webinar that you can access instantly by clicking here.


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