Insider Secrets: What to Expect During a Permanent Makeup Procedure

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Insider Secrets: What to Expect During a Permanent Makeup Procedure

The world of Permanent Makeup (PMU) is filled with transformational stories, cutting-edge techniques, and a bit of mystery. Whether you're considering enhancing your eyebrows, opting for a lasting lip color, or perfecting your eyeliner through PMU, understanding the process can help alleviate any nerves and set your expectations. Here, we'll unveil some insider secrets of the PMU industry and guide you through what to expect during a permanent makeup procedure, ensuring you're fully prepared for this beauty commitment.

The Journey Begins

Consultation and Planning

Your PMU adventure begins with a consultation. This is where you meet your artist to discuss your desires, concerns, and the look you aim to achieve. It's a collaborative process; feel free to bring inspiration photos or ask as many questions as you need. Your artist will sketch out the planned work on your face, allowing you to visualize the outcome and make adjustments before anything permanent is applied.

Choosing the Right Pigment

One of the most crucial steps in the PMU process is selecting the right pigment. Your artist will guide you through choosing a color that complements your skin tone, hair color, and personal style. Insider secret – the highest quality pigments will provide longevity and a natural fade over time, ensuring your PMU ages gracefully with you.

The Procedure

Pre-Procedure Care

Prior to your appointment, your artist will provide you with pre-procedure instructions. These often include avoiding alcohol, caffeine, and certain medications that can increase bleeding. Following these guidelines is essential for achieving the best results.

During the Procedure

The PMU procedure itself is meticulous and can last anywhere from one to three hours, depending on the area being worked on. Your artist will use a numbing cream to minimize discomfort, but be prepared for a slight sensation or vibration. Insider tip – if you're sensitive to pain, discuss additional pain management options with your practitioner in advance.

The Healing Process

Post-procedure care is critical in the PMU industry. Your artist will provide specific aftercare instructions to ensure optimal healing. This usually includes keeping the area dry, avoiding certain skincare products, and applying healing ointments. The treated area may appear darker and more intense immediately following the procedure; this is normal, and the color will soften during the healing process.

Action Items

Research and Select a Reputable Artist

The success of your PMU procedure heavily relies on the skill and expertise of your artist. Do your homework, read reviews, and possibly schedule consultations with multiple artists to find the best fit for you.

Prepare for the Procedure

Follow all pre-procedure instructions provided by your artist. Additionally, prepare your home for a comfortable recovery by stocking up on recommended aftercare products and planning some downtime.

Follow Aftercare Instructions Religiously

The healing process is as crucial as the procedure itself. Adhere strictly to the aftercare protocol to ensure your PMU heals beautifully and lasts as long as possible.


Stepping into the world of permanent makeup is exciting and can be life-changing. By understanding what to expect during the PMU procedure and following the action items outlined, you're setting yourself up for a successful beauty enhancement experience. Remember, the keys to a seamless PMU process are communication with your artist, meticulous preparation, and diligent aftercare. With these insider secrets in hand, you're ready to embark on your PMU journey with confidence.

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