Say Goodbye To Stretchmarks With Inkless Stretchmark Removal

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Inkless Stretchmark Removal ("ISR") is a modern and highly effective method of removing stretchmarks on the body, which is performed without the use of any pigment.

ISR vs. Body Camouflage

First, we will start by discussing Body Camouflage as a method of removing stretchmarks. During this procedure, a pigment resembling a person's natural skin color is applied to the scar area. However, skin color can change over time (for instance, when you sunbathe). Additionally, the pigment itself that is injected under the skin also changes shade over time. This can result in stretchmark scars being visible again over time.

On the other hand there is ISR, which is the treatment that we perform at Beauty Babe Club (Learn More). ISR involves using the same tattoo machine but instead of applying pigment, high quality serums and vitamins are injected into the skin. This stimulates the natural healing reactions in the body. As a result, stretchmarks become less noticeable and fade away. Unlike Body Camouflage, you do not have to worry about stretchmarks becoming noticeable again over time.

Best Candidates for ISR

This method is suitable for stretchmarks caused by the following:

  • Weight loss stretchmarks on any part of the body (except the face)

  • Post-pregnancy stretchmarks (excluding pregnant women and nursing mothers)

  • Stretchmarks that form on the skin during a period of rapid growth

Please note, is not recommended to perform ISR on very fresh, pink stretchmarks. It is necessary to wait until they become lighter (i.e. white or transparent).

5 Pro's of ISR

  1. This is permanent. After one or more sessions of ISR, you can get rid of the stretchmark scars forever

  2. It is safe. High quality vitamins and serums are the only things injected into the upper layers of the skin.

  3. Reasonable price. The price of ISR can be very reasonable compared to laser and other treatments on the market.

  4. It's suitable for all skin types and colors.

  5. It's effective for any age.

The Process 

ISR usually requires 1 to 4 sessions. It depends on the depth of the scars and the result you want to receive.

The procedure does not hurt. Serum is injected into the upper dermal layers only. 

It can take up to 30 days to see the final results and fully heal. However, you are able to resume "normal life" activities post-procedure (just wait 12 hours to shower);

Why Choose ISR?

ISR can be a life changing procedure for people that have felt embarrassed and self conscious about their stretchmarks or scars. It can give you a boost of confidence post-pregnancy or after a big weight loss transformation. Ultimately, it's worth it!

If you're interested in this procedure, schedule a consultation with our team at Beauty Babe Club to learn more and see if you're a good candidate!

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