Stretch Marks No More With Inkless Stretch Mark Removal

Jun 03, 2022

Stretch marks can appear because of the quick stretching or shrinking of your skin. Different types of stretch marks can appear on your body, including pregnancy stretch marks, post-pregnancy stretch marks, weight loss stretch marks, or stretch marks while hitting puberty.

Regardless of its type or color, having them could affect your confidence. Therefore, it is best to opt for a stretch mark removal treatment. And it is best to try out inkless stretch mark removal treatment to get positive results.

What is Inkless Stretch Mark Removal?

Inkless stretch mark removal is also known as inkless stretch mark revision or ISR, dry tattooing, medical needling, etc. It is a process through which your skin will repair itself using vitamins and serums. The permanent makeup artist will use a tattoo machine with smaller needles for this procedure.

Here, they will induce skin trauma to deposit healing ingredients like vitamins deep into your skin. Through this, it will enhance collagen, melanocytes, and elastin.

As of now, it is essential to use hyaluronic acid or other serums during the procedure. After completing the stretch mark removal process, you can gain smooth and firm skin with a natural skin tone.

Although it is like micro-needling, this stretch mark removal process offers better results. Micro-needling, in a nutshell, focuses on the middle layer of skin by using large cartilages.

So, if you might wonder how to get rid of scars from your body, the best option is an inkless stretch mark removal process. Here, you can overcome issues like wrinkles and fine lines too.

The number of inkless stretch mark removal sessions varies from person to person. While one person might see incredible results after one session, another individual might take three sessions.

Why Collagen and Elastin?

Collagen is a protein that provides structure to your skin, strengthens your bones, and offers moisturizing effects. A lack of collagen can hamper your skin's elasticity, causing stretch marks. Collagen in your body can cause the fading of stretch marks and other scars.

Similarly, another element that helps with stretch mark removal is elastin. It is a matrix protein that can bring elasticity to your tissues, including your skin. Although elastin can make your skin stretch, it isn't as strong as collagen. However, it can smoothen your skin and make it firm.

Is Inkless Stretch Mark Removal Safe?

Yes, inkless stretch mark removal is safe, as it is a natural way to handle stretch marks. It is a reliable method, as it doesn't affect your skin tone or texture. So, there is nothing wrong with moving forward with this skin treatment method.

Will Inkless Stretch Mark Removal Treatments Remove Stretch Marks Completely?

The inkless procedure can remove stretch marks of up to 50%. However, it will depend on your skin type and your health.

Regarding the length of the procedure, it will depend on the area, and it is best to speak with an experienced permanent makeup artist to know based on your skin type.

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