What is Lash Lift and Tint?

lash lash artists lash lift lash lift post care lash tint tint Oct 31, 2019

A lash lift is an innovative technique to get beautiful, pronounced eyelashes from your natural eyelashes without having to get extensions. Getting a lash lift is similar to perming hair, with the difference that no chemicals such as parabens or formaldehyde are used. Want to make your eyelashes stand out more prominently? Go for a lash lift along with a lash tint. What’s the result? A lash lift makes your eyelashes look fuller and longer, your eyes bigger and gives your whole face a fresh and uplifted look.

The Steps Involved

These are the steps of the lash lifting process:

  1. The Lash Artist cleans your eyes and lashes thoroughly.
  2. She then places an under-eye gel patch on your lower lashes so that they don’t curl in the upwards direction with the upper lashes.
  3. Then she places soft silicone pads on your upper eyelids to keep them in place while he applies the perm solution to the lashes.
  4. Now, she will carefully and thoroughly comb your lashes straight. This is a tricky part of the process because if it is not ensured that each lash is completely straight right from the base, the lash lift may result in your lashes pointing in different directions.
  5. To prepare your lashes for curling, a perming solution is put onto them for about 7 minutes. Using cotton gauze, the Lash Artist removes the solution after the required time duration.
  6. Now she applies a setting solution to your lashes for about 6 minutes while the lashes a lifted upwards over the silicone pads. After this step, the solution is removed with the cotton gauze.
  7. A lash tint is now applied for about 5 minutes. The color is selected depending on your natural eyelash color and the color that you have chosen.
  8. The lash tint is removed, and with the help of nourishing oil, your lashes are thoroughly cleaned.
  9. Now the Lash Artist will comb your lashes and remove the silicone pads. The procedure is complete.

What Does the Post-Care Involve?

The post-care instructions are not too many, but you should be careful about them. They include:

  1. No exposure to water, makeup, cleaning products, heat, and any vigorous workouts for 48 hours after procedure.
  2. After 48 hours you can go back to your normal makeup and skin routine. Don’t use water-proof mascara as its removal can be harsh.
  3. Use only mild cleansing products.
  4. Avoid using an eyelash curler as it won’t be needed plus it will damage the last lift.
  5. Don’t rub or apply any force onto your lashes.

The Time Durations and the Costs

Typically, a lash lift can take from 45 to 60 minutes. Tinting may take 10 more minutes.

It lasts for 6 to 8 weeks. This duration may be lesser if you have a habit of using lash growth serums. As the lash lift effect wears off, you will notice that your eyelashes will slowly go back to their natural look.

The procedure is not too costly – you can get a lash lift done in $85-95 and about $5-10 extra for a tint. Therefore, it is definitely a lesser expensive and lower maintenance option as compared to eyelash extensions.

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