How To Choose The Perfect Lip Blush Color

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3 Things to Know About How to Choose the Perfect Lip Blush Color


I used to own so many lipsticks, lip glosses, lip stains…you name it. They piled up in my drawers, purses, countertops… It was a lot to keep track of. Even with all those shades and tints at my fingertips, I could never really decide on the perfect color. Plus, I had to worry about re-applying, and constantly checking to make sure my lipstick hadn’t smudged on my teeth.


To be honest, I was so tired of losing my favorite lipstick that I started thinking about lip blush, which is a semi-permanent makeup treatment that adds color to your lips. I started doing a lot of research to make sure it was the right idea for me, and I became convinced that it was the solution to my problems.



Here is everything I know about lip blush, and how I went about picking the perfect lip blush color.


What is Lip Blush?


My research started with trying to understand exactly what lip blush is, and how it works.


While it’s really called a lip blush tattoo procedure, the tattoo gun is at a very low setting, and all the inks used are water-based. Lip blushing does not change the volume of your lips, but it does create the illusion of a much fuller look. Your lips become more defined and enhanced. Lip blushing lasts up to 2-3 years, and fades slowly and naturally over time.


The lip blush healing process can take up to four weeks for the color to fully blossom, but at the end of the process, your lips will look and feel totally natural and normal.


There are so many different types of lip blushing, including lip neutralizing, the lipstick look, and a natural lip blush effect. Each type requires a different color selection process, but picking the perfect lip color is not that tough.



Here are the top three things to know when you’re choosing your lip color.


Set Your Expectations


Choosing lip blushing colors will become easier once you decide how you want your lips to look. Are you going for a look that makes your natural lips more enhanced, or are you tired of applying the same bright lipstick day after day? Your personal desired outcome is essential; if you really aren’t sure, stick with a natural tone!


Understand Your Skin Tone


You will need to be familiar with your skin tone and all of its undertones to pick the perfect color. A professional can definitely help with this, but if you know which colors and tones work best with your skin, you’ll be able to narrow down to just a handful of options.


Bring References


Whether that’s your favorite lipstick, inspiration pictures, or just pictures of yourself where your lips are a perfect color, the more information your technician has, the more likely they’ll be able to match your vision.


Lip Blushing Before and After


To give you an idea of what your lips might look like before and after a lip blushing appointment, check out these comparisons!



Final Thoughts


You might be thinking about lip blushing, and it’s amazing that you’re doing the research. Make sure this process is the right thing for you, and book a session with us when you’re ready!

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