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About Lip Blushing

Lip blushing is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that uses tiny needles to place pigments across your lips. We call this process ‘pixelating.’ We layer the color in such a way as to make it look as natural as your lip color. With lip blushing, you’ll appear blessed with the lips of a supermodel. The pigment lines your lips, creating shading to make them appear fuller, while the pixelating gives you a fresh coat of color.

You might have heard of lip blushing as being referred to as tattooing, as while it’s a similar process, it’s cosmetic rather than permanent. Lip blushing lasts 2-4 years.

You can use lip blushing to alter the color and shape, making your lips appear younger and fuller. If you have thinner lips or rely on applying lipstick throughout the day, then lip blushing is the perfect procedure for you. Lip blushing can help add symmetry and definition to your lips. Lip blushing is a popular alternative to lip fillers, which can look artificial, as it is one of the most natural-looking procedures that you can try.

We offer Lip Blush for ALL lip tones. Melanin-rich or darker lips may require more than two appointments to achieve your desired results. Feel free to email us if you’d like us to take a look before booking!

Before Your Lip Blush Appointment


Your lips cannot be dry for the appointment. For the week leading up to your session, you must moisturize your lips as much as possible.


Cold sores are a risk of lip blush tattoo. If you have had a cold sore in the past, we advise you to go to the doctor for an anti-viral medication before any lip procedure to help avoid an outbreak. In addition, discontinue any supplements with blood-thinning effects 7 days before your appointment. 


If you plan on getting fillers, it MUST be done at least 4 weeks before because of swelling and bruising and/or 4 weeks after injections.


HYDRATE! Drink lots of water as this will help reduce dryness on your lips

EXFOLIATE! Exfoliating the lips a week before your appointment is crucial. Your lips cannot be dry and will ensure a smooth and even result. 

You can mix coconut oil and sugar to make a natural exfoliate for your lips. Use this daily for a week before your appointment.

If you have severely dry, flaky lips, please begin exfoliating nightly with a lip scrub followed by a lip treatment.


The following will make your lips tender and more likely to bleed, so avoid the following until after procedure:

  • No Alcohol
  • No Caffeine
  • No Aspirin or Blood Thinners
  • No Caffeine (coffee or tea)
  • No Fish Oil
  • No Niacin
  • No Vitamin E




Lips will feel swollen and dry after your treatment. Apply ointment on the lips several times a day for at least 14 days post-treatment. Do not allow lips to become dehydrated, as it can interfere with healed color. During the day, if lips feel dry, apply a liberal amount of lip ointment. Just tap on your skin and do not rub in. 

Redness, swelling, tenderness, dryness are all common post-treatment side effects and will dissipate in a short time.

Always use a clean Q-tip, not fingers, to apply ointment to the lips area to reduce the risk of infection. 

After lips are no longer tender to the touch, it is normal for lips to become flaky. Please DO NOT PICK or scratch at them or you risk significantly reducing the amount of pigment absorption. Be sure to use sunblock once your lips have healed. Hyperpigmentation can happen on any lip client without warning. Follow all before and after instructions after all lip treatments. Lip retouch must be scheduled 30 to 45 days apart from the initial session to help with color retention. You can resume wearing lipstick once your lips are healed.

If your client is experiencing a large amount of swelling, they can ice the treatment area. Applying ice following your procedure also helps to prevent bruising from occurring. Make sure there is a cloth barrier between the lips and the ice.

Day 1 (Day of the Procedure) 


Lips can bruise after the procedure but should subside within 24 hours. It is crucial to remove the lymph fluid from the skin's surface to avoid heavy scabbing. Before bed, if the lips still have some dry lymph, rinse with lukewarm water, gently removing the dry lymph, pat dry, and apply post-care lip healing balm. Continue to use the lip balm at a minimum through one skin cycle (21 to 28) days during healing. You can continue to use it daily for pigment longevity, healthy lip tissue, and anti-aging benefits.

Day 2 – 10

The lips may remain swollen the second day as well. Keep the skin moist at all times, do not let the lips dry out. Continue to apply ointment every 30 minutes throughout the day. Again, DO NOT let the lips dry out.

*** As my clients leave my studio, I remind them not to judge their lips for a full 6 – 8 weeks from the day of the procedure. 


  • Pick at scabs
  • Apply any products to lips until scabs and flakes have naturally fallen off
  • Expose your lips to sun, sauna, steam or engage in vigorous exercise
  • Eat spicy, oily, salty or acidic foods
  • Kiss or apply intense pressure to lips

Lip Blushing


  • 4-6 week touch-up after the initial visit - $200
  • Color Correction $100

Lip Blushing touch-ups depend on your skin/lifestyle. A touch-up may be necessary before or after 12 months. Pricing is as follows:

  • 12 months: $200
  • 13-24 months $300
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