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Beauty Babe Club in San Diego is a modern permanent and semi-permanent makeup studio specializing in the art of BEAUTY. We believe that beautiful surroundings inspire beautiful work. EFFORTLESS beauty is our main focus, and all of the services we offer are little to no maintenance. You will wake up every day looking flawless! Who doesn’t want that?!

Our goal is to ensure you leave our studio with beautiful brows to accentuate the color and brightness of your eyes, giving you a more youthful, alert look. We also enhance your lip color to match your skin tone and hair, giving you a more define and fuller lip. For clients looking for a tighter, lifted appearance, we offer fibroblast to regenerate your skin.

We pride ourselves on our professional approach to all things beauty. We work closely with each client to understand their beauty goals to provide an end product that exceeds their expectations.

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