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Are Training Courses Right for You?

While there are no simple fixes to help you get to exactly where you want to be, I wish there were courses like these when I was starting out. I had to make so many mistakes, so many wrong turns, and expend so much time, money, and energy getting it right.

I designed these courses to help you avoid the worst mistakes I made when I was learning. Each program is personal, filled with trade secrets, and worth the investment several times over. Even acquiring the equipment alone is enough to make your money back multiple times.

The CEO of Beauty Babe Club
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Are you ready to take control of your future, your finances, and your life?

Whether you’ve been in the beauty industry for years or you’re thinking about entering the industry for the first time, there can be many obstacles to getting started. From equipment to securing clients, to expert training, to industry secrets, it can honestly feel impossible to get ahead. our in-person beauty training courses help you to stand out in the beauty industry.

One of the biggest reasons aspiring beauty artists like you tend to feel stuck is because they don’t have the genuine support they need. This industry can be so isolating and scary, and the competition can get the best of you. 

Beauty Babe Club was designed from the start to be a supportive environment where you can learn the secrets of the trade, secure all the equipment you need to get ahead, and leave every training totally stocked with resources, contacts, and a sense of community to rocket your business to the next level.

Rather than feel overwhelmed by all the responsibility and knowledge it takes to make it in this industry, these programs will help you feel empowered and ready for anything.

Time to make a change: it’s now or never

Tiny class sizes, personalized teachings, and long-lasting connections with experts make your ultimate success more possible than ever before.

What you’ll get from in-person trainings

Among so many other benefits you’ll gain after this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Make your own schedule from the outset
  • Build a strong community of artist-entrepreneurs like you
  • Grow a loyal clientele base that will keep coming back
  • An increased income that will lead to complete financial independence
  • Learn even more skills to add to your repertoire
  • Get the knowledge you need to build your very own business

Get started by exploring all our course offerings!

Not sure which one is best-suited for you? Let’s set up a call so you can learn more!


Lip Blush


With classes for beginners and advanced makeup artists, our Lip Blush training covers every style and technique in the industry.

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Inkless Stretch Mark Revision


Learn a simple technique that is making waves in the industry, genuinely support people becoming confident in their skin, and start your permanent makeup journey.

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Mentorship Program


Looking for an all-encompassing program that supports you every step of the way? Become an expert in the field, launch your business, and get connected to the best of the best. 

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CEO portrait in professional attire, exuding confidence.

From the CEO of Beauty Babe Club

Hi, I’m Kim Culbertson – So good to meet you!!

I’m the owner of the Beauty Babe Club and a master permanent makeup artist.

From a very young age, I have always been obsessed with fashion, artistry, and design. As soon as I found my way into the beauty and fashion industry, I never looked back! As I continued to grow my business and bring on other artists, I started finding a new passion: teaching.

I truly believe in the power of education. I see it as an empowering tool to grow and learn as people (and scale up our businesses to new heights!). I am dedicated to sharing the knowledge I’ve gained over the years with others, so they can build their businesses and gain financial independence like I did, so long ago.

If you are ready to change your life for the better, please read on. I know it can be scary to take a leap of faith for yourself, but it will be well-worth it.

Beauty Babe Club is beginning to offer training courses for an artistry practice called stretch mark/scar revisions. This natural process is simple, painless, and highly lucrative. You’ll find that the course is far different from anything else on the market. I’m officially pulling back the curtains and showing you how the industry works from the inside.

I’m passionate about the work I do with my clients every day, and I take pride in my artistry. My clients are at the heart of everything I do, which is why I strive to make Beauty Babe Club a luxury experience from start to finish.

Your story is really important to me. I can’t tell you how meaningful it is to hear from people who have been through our training courses and have completely transformed their lives. And, because I love this work and our impact so much, I try to be as available as possible to all of you. You can follow my social media accounts or drop me a message at [email protected] at any time.

Thanks so much for reading my story, and I hope to see you at our next training session!

Beauty Babe Club Training Courses

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