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About Microblading

Microblading Eyebrows is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo that enhances eyebrow beauty with completely natural-looking results. Microblading Services mimics the appearance of natural strands of eyebrow hair. Strategically tattooing each hair-like strand creates a desired eyebrow shape and density, customized to you. The eyebrow-perfecting effects of microblading last from 1-3 years.

Before Your Microblading Appointment


Microblading results create amazing-looking eyebrows. However, we do not recommend the procedure for everyone. To prevent any complications relating to your overall well-being, please review the requirements and contraindications below. Studio sessions typically last 2 hours.



No alcohol or caffeine 24 hrs before the procedure


No filler treatments 3 weeks prior or 4 weeks after the procedure


No chemical peels 60 days before or after the procedure (brows will peel quicker due to chemicals traveling under the skin)


No anti-aging/acne creams or serums containing acids as these will fade brows prematurely


Do not work out or sweat the day of the procedure heavily (or 2 weeks after)


Do not tan or have a sunburned face the day of the procedure


No waxing or tinting 3 days before the procedure


Stop taking aspirin, niacin, vitamin E, fish oil and ibuprofen 48 hours before the procedure

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Microblading by Beauty Babe Club makes perfect eyebrows possible, but to ensure the naturally beautiful looking brows you want, following the Microblading Aftercare instructions is essential. DO NOT expect your brow tattoos to heal perfectly after the first session. This procedure is a 2-step process. It takes time. BE PATIENT. During your 10-30 day healing process, your brows will change and appear different daily.



It is crucial to remove the lymph fluid from the skin's surface to avoid heavy scabbing. Before bed, if the brows still have some dry lymph, rinse with lukewarm water, gently removing the dry lymph, pat dry, and apply post-care healing balm. 

*As clients leave the studio, I remind them again not to judge their eyebrows for a full 6 – 8 weeks from the day of the procedure. 

First Hour

Every 10 min for an hour, gently swipe each brow with a wet wipe and pat dry. After the first hour, apply a thin layer of ointment on each brow using a cotton swab.

Day 2 – 10

Every 3 hours, carefully wipe with warm water, pat dry, and apply a thin layer of ointment.

Aftercare Tips 

Do not pick or scratch your tattoo
Avoid direct sunlight and tanning beds for 4 weeks
Avoid hot tubs, steam rooms, pools, and oceans during the healing process
No eyebrow makeup or working out during the tattoo healing process


Brow aftercare products and tools for maintaining enhanced eyebrows



  • 4-6 week touch-up after the initial visit - $149
  • Combo brows $499
  • Different Artist varies in price- $449-$649

Color boost touch-ups depend on your skin/lifestyle. A touch-up may be necessary before or after 12 months. Pricing is as follows:

  • 6-12 months: $149
  • 13-24 months $249
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Frequently Asked Questions About Microblading

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An eye-catching image showcasing the before and after results of Microblading Eyebrows.
An eye-catching image showcasing the before and after results of Microblading Eyebrows.
An eye-catching image showcasing the before and after results of Microblading Eyebrows.
An eye-catching image showcasing the before and after results of Microblading Eyebrows.

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