A $50 deposit is required to book and hold your appointment. The remainder is due during your scheduled appointment. It is non-refundable. If you are a no-show or late to your appointment, we have the right to keep the deposit for the time of your reservation. 

We understand that sometimes schedule adjustments are necessary. We request at least a 7 day notice for cancellations and appointment changes.

Only ONE time rescheduling is allowed. If you fail to do so your deposit will be forfeited. Please plan accordingly.

Please understand that when you forget or cancel your appointment without giving enough notice, we miss the opportunity to fill that appointment time. Clients on our waiting list miss the opportunity to receive services.

In the event that you do not show up for a scheduled appointment or you cancel a same day appointment, any future appointments will require a 50% payment upfront. If you were a no-show or canceled the same day again, we will not refund the 50% payment. 

  • If you have previous permanent makeup,

PLEASE TEXT (619)210.1080 or email [email protected] a clear photo of your brows to get an approval BEFORE booking an appointment. If you fail to do so, I may refuse you service and your deposit will be forfeited as not all previous tattoos from a different artist can be fixed or covered.

Every person is made different. We each have unique bodies, skin types, cellular reactions, and natural contours. Permanent makeup is a method used to enhance certain features and soften others. However, these procedures cannot add or erase.

We are equally cautious with all our clients and hope to meet their expectations every time. However, while the same pigments and process are used for each of our clients, the results vary from person to person. 

Everyone heals in their own manner and at their own rate. The body retains a percentage of the original pigment color, which is ultimately determined by the healing properties of the cells, the skin type, immune system, and even the lifestyle of the client. While we promise to treat our clients in a way that ensures the best possible outcome, we cannot provide absolute assurances. Sometimes, the body or skin may not take well to the pigment or fade easily. These outcomes are also greatly influenced by the client’s body and lifestyle. 

Each client is different. From the color and type of pigment to the number of treatments and the duration of the healing period, the makeup procedure varies. Usually, permanent makeup requires a two-step procedure. However, in the case of melanin-rich lips, three or more may be required. 

Even after the treatment is over, touch-ups are crucial to maintaining that glow and color. This is done when the skin has had time to heal completely and the pigment infuses into the cells. The color can be properly fine-tuned and darkened while the faded areas may be restored. 

It is also important to understand that the nature of these procedures is such that not every person can be qualified to undergo the treatment process. A preliminary inspection with an expert is conducted to determine if a client is eligible for the treatment.

Say, you’ve heard about microblading and want to see its effects. However, you either have larger pores around your forehead and near your brows or you are oily-skinned. In cases like this, microblading is not a good option. The results may be disappointing with a softer or blurred appearance. This is why an expert would recommend that you opt for powder brows instead.

Beauty is often judged by symmetry, even though no face is ever truly symmetrical. We believe in being honest with our clients and setting realistic expectations. While we aim for the utmost precision and accuracy as we measure with care with the help of digital tools, 100% symmetry is never possible. However, we try our best to get as close as humanly possible.