Saline Tattoo Removal

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About Saline Tattoo Removal

Saline tattoo removal is a safe, natural, and chemical-free (no acid) method of removing tattoos using a saline solution and traditional tattooing equipment. This procedure is effective on all types of tattoos, regardless of age, color, or location.



What to Expect

After the initial treatment, it is normal for the skin to appear red, swollen, or bruised. Do not worry. Slight drainage occurs for a short time after the process is complete, and the tattoo pigment will be more distinct.

Most tattoos will appear lighter after one treatment but generally recommend a few treatments for significant results. Some tattoos may remove within one or two treatments. A minimum of 8 weeks or longer is required between removal treatments. The length depends on how you heal and the depth of your previous ink. We repeat the treatment until the tattoo fades to your desire or completely. 

A scab on the treated area will form. During the scabbing process, the ink is pulled to the surface by the scab. After the scab has fallen off, the skin beneath will appear pink for up to six months or longer.. You will notice continued lightening for several months following the removal.

Requirements Before Your Tattoo Removal


No alcohol, caffeine, or blood thinners such as ibuprofen or aspirin 24 hours prior.

No exercise on the day of your appointment.

Protect your skin from UV rays or tanning beds for 2 weeks before your appointment. Please do not show up sunburned.

Avoid facials, chemical peels or microdermabrasion for the 4 weeks before your appointment.

No anti-acne or anti-aging products on the skin for 2 weeks prior to your procedure.

No accutane within one year of procedure.




It is critical to follow all aftercare instructions to prevent complications, scarring and achieve optimum results. Please read carefully.

Keep the area clean and open to the air. Do not cover with a bandage or anything else. Leave it open to the air.

Do not touch the area at all. If you need to, be sure your hands are clean and sanitized to avoid bacteria.

Do not soak the treated area in water, and be careful while showering. The site must be kept completely dry.

No bathing, swimming, saunas, hot tubs, tanning, or intense exercise.

Do not pick or scratch! All scabbing needs to fall off naturally. To avoid scarring and for best results, keep the scab intact.

Once all scabbing has naturally healed, apply one drop of Vitamin E oil 4 to 6 times throughout the day on every other day (every 48 hours) for a minimum of 4 weeks, or until the next removal. 

For Lips

Please drink all liquids with a straw until all scabbing has naturally fallen off.

Use natural toothpaste to brush your teeth. Avoid whitening and peroxide ingredients.

Cut food into small bites

Try to keep mouth expressions to a minimum.



Saline Tattoo Removal

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