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Take your pick from three of the most in-depth lip blush certified training courses to grow your skills and become unstoppable. Take charge of your life and make your new clients feel amazing!

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Who is this for?

If you’re not making enough money in your dead-end job, if you’re tired of working from paycheck to paycheck, if you hate working for other people and want to make your own schedule, then this training is perfect for you.

Ready to do something a little more creative and fulfilling? Ready to finally be excited to go to work? Ready to do something that you’re genuinely proud of?

This training is for you.

Lip blush training courses

Your new life is one course away!

Building your own business has never been easier, thanks to these training courses. Whether you’re a total beginner, or you’re an expert in the beauty industry and you’re looking to add more skills to your toolbelt, you’ll find a course that is perfect for you.

With any of these three training courses, you’ll be able to:

  • Achieve financial independence, once and for all
  • Set flexible schedules and build your own business
  • Learn one of the most sought-after techniques in the beauty industry

Starting your own business can be terrifying…


But you’re fully supported by an expert beauty professional and educator who has been in the industry for decades

  • Let your fears of taking the next step and investing in your future melt away; The Beauty Babe Club will guide you through every step of the process.
  • Learn the best-kept secrets of the trade, secure the highest-quality equipment in the industry, and join a community of experienced artists
  • From detailed instruction, hands-on experience, and a ton of resources when you leave, this training will launch your career to the next level.
The CEO of Beauty Babe Club giving instruction on lip anatomy

The truth is...

You’re ready to take the next step

An investment in your future is a commitment to you, your success, and your dream life.

“10/10 for me! I was first interested in using permanent makeup as a side hustle to supplement my income. I had heard of the Beauty Babe Club and wanted to learn more. Kim answered all my questions about starting and her course gave me so much confidence. She definitely teaches you more than I expected about business and lip blushing techniques. I am happy to say that in addition to my current job, I make an extra $1500 a week just by working weekends with 2 - 3 clients. I am already getting momentum and can see how quickly this side hustle may just become full time!”

Lip blush training courses


Lip Blush Training Courses

Below, you’ll find descriptions of the three most popular Lip Blush Training Courses I offer. Not sure which one best suits your needs? Book a discovery call with me to learn even more about each option. I’m available to answer your questions and address your concerns!

What you can expect from all my courses:

A small group of people engaged in a discussion.

Very Small Class Sizes

Just a few students per class allows me to maximize one-on-one training as much as possible.

Learn Pro Tips and Tricks

Learn Pro Tips and Tricks

I did the most to learn everything I know now; I am ready to share it with you to launch your career!

Customer support representative assisting a client

Ongoing Support

You’ll receive a detailed training manual and ongoing resources to continue your education and extensive support over text, email, and socials.

Toolkit of assorted creative and artistic tools.

Full Pro Kit

This alone is worth the investment in the course: you’ll walk away with enough equipment, serums, and supplies to book your next 30-40 treatments, making your money back quickly.

Lip Blush Training Courses


Lip Blush Fundamentals


This course is perfect for beginners. It teaches you absolutely everything you need to know to start your career or side hustle in lip blushing.

This course is special because it is catered to any kind of professional: whether you’re looking to brush up on your skills or you’ve never worked before, you will learn everything you need to build a successful business using unique methods in the industry.

From start to finish, you’ll be let into all my secrets, tips, and tricks, because I believe that a high-quality training leads to high-quality results.

Dark Lip Neutralization 


This is an advanced course for professionals who already have machine experience and are familiar with working on a wide range of skin tones. You must be able to control your machine with precision and depth. Dark lip neutralization is a process that safely creates a desired natural tones in melanin-rich lips.

This course is special because it is catered to train you in a unique niche: if your clientele are melanated and are seeking this specific treatment, you’ll be well-prepared for a more inclusive client base.

You’ll receive high-quality instruction, equipment, and the best tips and tricks to get ahead in the industry.


Lip Blush Master Class


The lip blush masterclass is a 5-day course that dives deep into everything I know about the industry. You’ll learn lip blush fundamentals, lip neutralization, the classic lipstick effect, and so much more. You’ll learn 3 different types of lip styles!

This course is unique because it is one week long.  You’ll be learning every lip blush style in the industry, from dramatic, natural, lip neutralization, and more.

Our fully-loaded beginning to advanced course is perfect for anyone who is traveling from afar: you’ll get everything you need to know in a week instead of months. That makes it the best investment of the three.

Any of these Lip Blush Training Courses will change your life

Among so many other benefits you’ll gain after this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Make your own schedule from the outset
  • Build a strong community of artist-entrepreneurs like you
  • Grow a loyal clientele base that will keep coming back
  • An increased income that will lead to complete financial independence
  • Learn even more skills to add to your repertoire
  • Get the knowledge you need to build your very own business
  • High-quality classes from expert cosmetic artists

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“If you were on the fence about taking a Lip Blushing course, this is your sign to do it and go through Kim at Beauty Babe Club! A couple years ago my best friend and I went into business together and now own a makeup studio. We had been wanting to expand and heard about permanent makeup and thought it could be a great addition. Thanks to Kim and her lip blush course, we were right! What we loved about her course is that she taught the fundamentals of lip mapping using a technique that is highly effective and unique which achieves the best results for our clients. It is the PERFECT service to add to our studio which compliments our makeup services. The transition for clients is actually easier than we thought it would be. Once a client tells her friends about us and they see how nice it is to wake up looking put together without any effort, it’s a no brainer!”

The CEO of Beauty Babe Club

Meet your instructor

From the CEO of Beauty Babe Club

I’m the owner of the Beauty Babe Club and a master permanent makeup artist, and I am offering three unmatched lip blush training courses to help you change your life like I changed mine.

I’ll keep this message short: people come from all over the world to receive lip blush treatments from me for a reason. I designed a technique and method that can’t be replicated anywhere else in the beauty industry, and I want to show you how I do it.

I offer three courses for every level of expertise, from beginners to advanced permanent makeup artists. If you’re ready to get in on a changing industry and help people feel beautiful and confident, apply for the course that best suits your needs.

People who go through my course are a representation of myself, so I am committed to the success of every one of my students

Feel free to reach me on my socials or leave a message at [email protected] if you have any questions; I am available to you as a resource.

I’m excited to meet you at the next training session!



Follow these steps to achieve success


Step #1

Book a discovery call with me

You’ll be able to ask questions, voice concerns, and figure out which course best suits your needs.

Step #2

Dive into the course that will help launch you and your business to success

Enjoy one-on-one teaching, thorough instruction, hands-on experience, and so much more

Step #3

Lean on the resources you gain

As you start taking on clients of your own, you can rest easy knowing you have everything you need to succeed

FREE Lifetime Support Guarantee!


Guarantee certificate with official stamps and signatures.

What is included in the fundamentals course?

  • Full PMU machine kit
  • High quality pigments
  • Enough supplies to service your first 20-30 clients  
  • A full in-depth training manual
  • A training certificate
  • A massive file of resources to continue your education
  • Enough training, knowledge, and equipment to get started right away

A Look into the Course Description

Here’s an inside look into what you’ll be learning throughout the course:


Day 1: Intro to Lip Blush

  • In in-depth lesson on lip blush, different techniques and treatments, and a how-to
  • The mistakes I’ve made in the industry and what I learned
  • The art of client consultations
  • Skin & lip Anatomy 
  • Lip mapping 
  • Learn how to correct and enhance the lips 
  • Machine and needle knowledge 
  • Machine techniques
  • Exclusive, signature lip contouring methods lesson

Day 2: Color theory and your first client

  • How to match your clients favorite lipstick
  • Skin types and color theory 
  • Procedure room setup
  • Sanitation and sterilization 
  • Experience on live Model 
  • Aftercare and healing
  • Marketing tips and how to brand yourself to succeed
  • Do’s and don’ts in the industry

Hear from our Past Students!


Here’s what will we'll discuss on your discovery call.

  • We'll help you start your beauty business with a clear roadmap.
  • We'll show you how to boost your online presence with social media strategies.
  • Tips and strategies on being proactive before starting your training

This is your next step to generating more income, creating more freedom, and impacting MORE people with what YOU have to offer! 

Discover the roadmap, social media strategies, and next steps to confidently start and grow your own beauty business – all in this FREE, no-obligation 30-minute strategy call (valued at $499)! 

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