When Can You Get an Eyebrow Tattoo Over a Fresh Piercing?

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Eyebrow Tattoo Over a Fresh Piercing

When Can You Get an Eyebrow Tattoo Over a Fresh Piercing?

Piercing and tattoos are a great way to enhance your face and body. Facial tattoos also come in the form of cosmetology practices that mirror tattooing called permanent make-up. 


The two paired together will be able to create a dramatic and gorgeous finish. However, you need to take into consideration several things when you want to get both procedures done.

Discussing permanent make-up

You can get several different types of procedures done. Microblading or powdering, lash line enhancement, lip enhancement, and freckles are just a few. They are semi-permanent and you need to conduct follow-up procedures every few years to have them redone. 

These processes can also help people with certain aesthetic issues, like restoring hairlines or restoring pigmentation to the skin


When you are getting the procedure done, look up a cosmetologist who is certified in this type of procedure. Due to the semi-permanence of the procedures, make sure that you use a practitioner who will make you feel comfortable and will walk you through the entire process to ensure that you’re satisfied. When it comes to aftercare, your practitioner will impart advice to you about proper methods that will help the healing process.

All about getting an eyebrow-piercing

A great way to express yourself and your aesthetics is through piercings. However, when getting this there is some important information that you need to remember.


The most common eyebrow-related piercing is the vertical piercing. This piercing has an entrance and an exit point above and below the tail of the eyebrow. Most often a curved bar is threaded through the two points and fixed with a ball on either side. Instead of the curved bar, some people opt for a ball enclosure hoop.


The initial healing process takes about two to three months to heal before you can change your jewelry, but it takes at least six months to fully heal. The piercing area should be cleaned with saline solution two to three times a day. Avoid waxing to remove eyebrow hair, as the chemicals can seep into the skin, same with using facewash and makeup. To remove stray hairs, opt for gently tweezing instead. Also, keep your bangs away from your face, and don’t use bandages or plasters on the area. 

The jewelry that you choose for your piercing is also important. Make sure that you only change it after the initial piercing period to avoid losing the holes and having it close up.


Before you buy new jewelry look into the standard gauge for eyebrow piercings, so that you know what jewelry to buy. Materials of your jewelry should be important to consider. You can choose gold, titanium, surgical steel, or even retainers made from bioplast - which is hypoallergenic.


Microblading touch-ups after getting a piercing:

It is best to avoid having microblading done after getting an eyebrow piercing, as you will have to remove it to get the procedure done, otherwise, you will end up with uneven eyebrows. This should be done once you can safely remove the piercing for a few hours or for several days until the microblading procedure scabs - make sure that your piercing can stay out for that long of a time.  


Make sure that your piercing is taken into consideration when the cosmetologist maps out your eyebrows so that it will suit both your face and your piercing.


Getting an eyebrow piercing and having microblading done are both ways to enhance your eyebrows and your face. 


When you decide on making an appointment for cosmetology, remember to consult with your piercer if it is safe to have microblading done and if you can remove your piercing for any amount of time between two hours and five days. Once you receive the go-ahead, you can have both done and look great.

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