The Latest Beauty Trends for a Busy Woman

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As working women, stay-at-home moms, busy business ladies, we often have little to no time to dedicate to daily makeup routines or lengthy and expensive procedures involving long times for healing.

So, what are our best “on-the-go” options? We collected a list of the procedures and tips that would help you stay beautiful any time of the day for multiple years and maintain your busy schedule.

Let’s start with the most popular and lasting beauty trends for a busy woman who needs an extra hour of beauty sleep in the morning instead of spending it in front of the mirror. 

Facial lifting

The beloved by many Botox and Dysport have been top choices for women and men all over the world. The procedure is quick, relatively reliable, and relatively inexpensive as well. However, it does not work on everyone and has to be done as often as every 3 months for some. The newest and hottest trend is Fibroblast. It is a skin tightening treatment that offers the results of surgical methods without surgical risks, downtime, and complications. The procedure can last for 2 hours, the healing process is roughly 3 weeks, but the results are lasting and totally worth it. Average results last for 2-4 years. Read more about Fibroblast, and see what a wonderful new way it is to look young and stay productive at the same time.

Now your skin looks young, clean, glowing. What about that time spent on ideal makeup? And let's face it – is it ideal all day every day though? We have a solution. If you have not done any type of permanent or semi-permanent makeup yet, you are missing out. Let’s start with the eyebrows.

 Microblading or Ombre Powder Brows

Well, both procedures are popular in the US, and Ombre Powder Brows becomes more preferable on the market. Read about the differences between microblading and ombre powder brows. Both ways of this semi-permanent makeup create ideal eyebrows that do not require daily maintenance and can last 2-3 years. All you need to endure is 2 hours of the mildly disconformable procedure and 2-3 weeks of the healing process. You will end up with ideally shaped and colored eyebrows all day every day!

 Lip Blushing

Lip Blushing is the hottest trend for lips in the cosmetic industry. Gone are the days when people would opt for filler injections, tattooed lip liner, or worry about continuously re-applying their lipstick. Now you can get this low-maintenance and long-lasting treatment to get lips that look fuller, tinted, and vibrant. It is insanely convenient, looks beautiful, and saves you time! The healing process is similar to microblading time, and the results last about the same – 2-3 years at least.

All these procedures we are happily offering at the Beauty Babe Club. Make sure you schedule your appointment with us and finally start saving your time. The beauty industry evolves quickly, and always has something to offer to a busy woman who wants to look and feel great every day without spending hours in front of the mirror! 

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